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How the Enterprise Operates

More than 190,000 Sailors, Marines, Civilians and Contractors contribute to the enterprise approach within Naval Aviation. They work in different organizations that must all work together to ensure readiness in a cost-effective manner.


Naval Aviation’s enterprise approach drives this collaboration -- getting the right people together with the right information to break down barriers, spearhead cost-effective initiatives and provide leadership with critical data to make superior decisions.


Enterprise efforts are guided by the NAE Charter, which defines supported/supporting relationships within the Enterprise and emphasizes the NAE's focus on generating warfighting readiness. 


 Air Board and Cross Functional Teams


Air Board

Enterprise leadership is organized into principal membership groupings, each with its defined roles and purposes: 

  1. Air Board Executive Committee (EXCOMM): Members whose leadership assignment is within Naval Aviation and whose decision-making authority guides the course of core aspects of Naval Aviation.


  2. Air Board: Members whose organizational billet has a strong interdependent relationship with the Enterprise and Naval Aviation which necessitates an acknowledged need to be informed to advance the efforts of both Naval Aviation and the Air Board member's parent command.  

Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs)

To optimize readiness, each element which comprises that readiness - "people, stuff and money" - must be managed. Cross-functional teams are functionally focused to properly manage these elements. A cross-functional team is comprised of members from different stakeholder organizations, providing a range of functional expertise working toward common goals. The NAE's three cross-functional teams are supported by the Integrated Resource Mangement Team (click on each name for more information):

*For additional information on the teams that currently support Naval Aviation’s enterprise efforts please visit the Cross Functional Team Links section on the NAE Home Page.





Boots on the Ground / Deck Program




Boots events are executed for ashore (Boots on the Ground) and afloat (Boots on the Deck) commands. The purpose of these events is for NAE leadership to interact directly with a command and its assigned personnel to observe first-hand the challenges and successes with that command. It is not an inspection, but a fact-gathering event intended to benefit the host commands.


Enterprise AIRSpeed




Enterprise AIRSpeed operationalizes cost-wise readiness across the Naval Aviation Enterprise and is Naval Aviation’s continuous process improvement (CPI) “brand.” Its primary mission is to transform Naval Aviation’s logistics chain into an integrated, reliable, demand-pull based replenishment system. The team accomplishes this mission by training and mentoring Fleet Sailors and Marines in CPI methodologies and philosophies. Sailors and Marines learn how to strategically implement the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and tactically focus Lean and Six Sigma events to increase throughput (and thereby readiness) while simultaneously decreasing inventory and operating expenses.