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Welcome to Naval Aviation Enterprise ​181028-N-UK306-1698.jpg
About the NAE 
Naval Aviation is a warfighting force that must bring to bear the right capabilities, capacity and wholeness for fighting and winning. Advancing and sustaining these core functions at the best possible cost is smart, prudent and responsible.
Naval Aviation with an enterprise approach ensures a team effort dedicated to working together and committed to open information sharing and process improvement across Naval Aviation stakeholder organizations. This way of doing business must be ingrained throughout Naval Aviation. It significantly and measurably improves our ability to deliver warfighting readiness more efficiently. It leads to a better understanding of our operational costs and readiness degraders from the deckplate to the Flag and General Officer level. It facilitates better informed resource decisions for the overall good of Naval Aviation.
The demand for Naval Aviation forces will increase. Our resources will decrease. The security environment will continue to pose a threat to our national interests. Within the Naval Aviation Enterprise, it is our mission to intelligently balance demand and resources to meet that threat.
Cross-Functional Teams
- Carrier Readiness
-Engineering, Maintenance
and  Supply Chain Management (EM&SCM)
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