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MAGNUM 710 prepares to land on the flight deck of a Guided Missile Cruiser 

HSM-74's mission is to provide combat ready MH-60R aircraft and personnel for deployment onboard CVNs and RAST capable ships. The Swamp was awarded the 2013 Battle "E", Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy, Captain Arnold J. Isbell Trophy, & COMHSMWINGLANT Aviation Safety Award.

This squadron has a proud and storied history. The Swamp Foxes have flown in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terror, tracked and seized drug smugglers in the Eastern Pacific, deterred acts of piracy off the Horn of Africa, conducted Search and Rescue on land and sea, and have provided disaster relief support around the globe. Our mission continues to develop and evolve, and you are joining a team on the leading edge of that change.

Our missions are varied and our capabilities many.  Our primary mission areas are Subsurface Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Warfare (SUW).  The MH-60R and its combat crew is equipped, trained, and ready to detect and engage enemy submarines with the MK-46 or Mk-50 torpedo, or to classify and neutralize enemy surface combatants using its multiple onboard sensors and AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles.  Our Aircrewman stand alert with the M240 and GAU-21 crew-served machine guns, and are fully qualified rescue swimmers, ready to conduct Search and Rescue and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) on a moment's notice.

The variety of our missions and our ability to rapidly respond when called is reflective of the high quality individuals that comprise HSM-74.