Welcome to the HSM-40 AIRWOLVES, the finest Fleet Replacement Squadron in Naval Aviation.  I am honored to be your Commanding Officer and look forward to having you join our family.

HSM-40 has a rich history and an awesome legacy. Our squadron’s mission is to provide quality training to MH-60R Fleet Replacement Pilots and Aircrew so they may fight and win at sea.  My personal challenge to you is to “Be the Best” in everything you do and then be better tomorrow. I believe you'll find your tour here both challenging and rewarding. 

We are the HSM community's center of excellence - a hub of great machines and even greater Sailors.  We opperate in a high support, high expectation environment where no one person is more important than the team.  We believe the best in each other, and we know we will get everyone else's best in return.  We always expect progress but not necessarily perfection during the execution of our mission - though perfection is something we all should seek.  We strive to be a positive influence and offer impactful guidance to all Airwolves, understanding that some may not be able to succeed without each.  Be available, establish and uphold standards, and watch the Airwolves succeed!

Do not hesitate to connect with us. Explore our website, visit us on Facebook at HSM 40 Airwolves, call us, or send us an email at HSM40_MYPT_CCC@navy.mil.  The Squadron Duty Office (Quarterdeck) can be contacted 24 hours a day at DSN 270-6332 or Commercial (904) 270-6332.

I encourage you to contact your sponsor. If you don't have one yet, a sponsor can be assigned to you early in order to make your PCS as smooth as possible. Give us a call at (904) 270-6332 Ext. 220 for sponsor assignment, or if you cannot contact your assigned sponsor.

Our families require our utmost admiration and appreciation.  They endure many hardships at home while allowing us to focus on our mission.  Meet your responsibilities to them and use the myriad of resources available to help you work through problems and issues when they arise.  Abuse is NEVER the answer!


Welcome to your new family!

CDR Ross Drenning
Commanding Officer​