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Commander, Naval Air Forces > Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Atlantic > Reporting to HSCWSL in Norfolk, VA

Reporting to HSCWSL in Norfolk, VA


 Reporting to HSCWSL in Norfolk, VA

Welcome to Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons Schools Atlantic (HSCWSL), located at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

For check-in please review the following procedures. Following these procedures will ensure a smooth check-in process and minimize confusion for you during your check-in process.

WORKING HOURS ARRIVAL: HSCWSL normal hours of operations are from 0745-1600, Monday through Friday. Personnel arriving during normal working hours should report to the HSCWSL Administrative Department for check-in. HSCWSL is easily accessed through Gate 4 of NAS Norfolk. HSCWSL is located in Bldg. SP-250. The HSCWSL Quarterdeck number is (757) 322-2629.

ALL AFTER HOURS ARRIVALS: Report to the Naval Station Norfolk Quarterdeck located at Bldg N-26, 1530 Gilbert St., Suite 2000, Norfolk, VA 23511-2730. The quarterdeck can be reached at (757) 322-2866. Ensure your orders are stamped with the reporting date and time prior to departing the quarterdeck.

MESSING FACILITY: You will need a copy of your orders to dine at the Naval Base Galley free of charge if checking in after hours. The Base Galley is located at 1650 Gilbert Street, Norfolk, VA, Bldg I-88 across from Carter Hall.

AFTER HOURS ARRIVAL: Personnel arriving after hours are required to report to HSCWSL the next available working day (i.e. Saturday arrivals will report to HSCWSL on Monday morning at 0745).

MAILING ADDRESS: If you or your family members need to forward mail to the command, the command mailing address is provided below.


Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Atlantic
491 A Street  Bldg SP-250
Norfolk, VA 23511-4011

Admin Department: (757) 444-4287 DSN: 564-4287
Command Duty Officer: (757) 359-1766

HOUSING: Commander, Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic has established a relocation assistance website for military members and their families transferring to the Hampton Roads area at Navy Norfolk Housing Home. The Hampton Roads area is a great place to live and raise a family. Many off-base housing opportunities exist and most sailors opt to live off-base. If you desire to live on-base you are encouraged to contact the local housing office as soon as practical. Naval Station Norfolk has some government quarters for geographical bachelors, however, if berthing becomes unavailable, you may be offered quarters at another naval base in the Hampton Roads area. If you are planning your tour as a geographical bachelor, contact your sponsor.

SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT: Two services are available: NEXStEP is a Department of Labor funded pilot program for qualified relocating military spouses. The program provides employment-training funds to gain new job skills or to obtain a certification. To determine if you qualify, call Job Zone NEXStEP at 757-461-7537 or check their website at; Adecco is a temporary employment service that has an agreement with DoN and DoL To provide priorty to military spouses for employment placement. Check their website at or in Hampton Roads call 757-490-0904.