Contact Information

                                  Command Mailing Address:                             Command FEDEX/UPS Address:
                                  Commanding Officer                                         Commanding Officer
                                  HELSEACOMBATRON TWO THREE                  HELSEACOMBATRON TWO THREE
                                  P.O. Box 357090                                                 BLDG. 340 ROE ST
                                  San Diego, CA 92135-7090                               San Diego, CA 92135

HSC-23 Quarterdeck
Comm: (619) 545-8008
DSN: 735-6960



Command Ombudsman
The Ombudsman serves as a communication link between command leadership and command families. Our Ombudsman provides command families with information and referral resources and is, above all, a trained volunteer who is dedicated to serving the WILDCARD family. 

Family Readiness Group

The FRG provides social activities, fosters camaraderie and support to squadron families. The FRG organizes homecomings, social gathering, and hospitality. Participation is open to all Sailors and families.

Officer's Spouse Club
The OSC provides social activities, fosters camaraderie and support, and participates in philanthropic events on behalf of the squadron. Participation is open to all spouses of Officers.

HSC-23 Webmaster