Mission Accomplishment remains our #1 priority.
We cannot accomplish the mission if we do not operate safely!
Operating in an unsafe manner causes mishaps.  Mishaps are the unnecessary injury/loss of personnel or equipment.  We are charged to take care of ourselves, each other, and the property in our charge to efficiently accomplish the mission.  We attain this by operating with a safety mindset.
Goal:  To accomplish our squadron’s mission with zero mishaps.
Safety is a mindset we all will have.  Whatever the task (on or off duty), I need you to ask the following questions.    
1.  What can go wrong?
-Think through the evolution/task from beginning to end; identifying the hazards   and the associated risks
2. What can I do about it?
-Everyone is a Safety Officer.  If you see something unsafe, I expect you to speak up.
-Are there any directives or establish procedures in accomplishing the task?  If so, follow them.
3.  Whom do I need to inform?
-If directives or procedures do not adequately address the task at hand, seek guidance from the chain of command.
-Initiate a HAZREP or publication change as necessary.
You are the Navy’s most precious resource and I need you healthy and fit to accomplish the mission. 
I expect all Fleet Angels to maintain a safety mindset both on and off duty.