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Command Ombudsman



Welcome FIRST AND FINEST Families,
 Our names are Ashlyn Page and Alma Mahany.  We serve as the command Ombudsmans.  We are excited to be working with the families of HSC-2.
The Ombudsman is here to be your voice to the command. We are also here for the Commanding Officer to relay information back to you. The Ombudsman program belongs to the command and is shaped by the CO’s perception of the needs of the command and their families. An Ombudsman is a voluntary representative of the command, appointed by the Commanding Officer and serves two important roles as both a communication link between the CO/CMC and the command family members; and as a professionally trained information and referral specialist. We work under the guidance of the CMC, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer.
We have frequent contact with the command and relay information to our families via the command Ombudsman page or email. We will always provide a confidential ear and a friendly voice to turn to in times of need or crisis. We arededicated to pointing you in the right direction toward finding solutions to any issue that may arise. Our promise to you is that while we may not know all the answers, we will work diligently to finding them, no matter what the case may be. While serving in this role, we are committed to supporting our command’s mission, maintain strict confidentiality and working within the chain of command as we are required.   
We are honored to have been chosen to be the Ombudsman for HSC-2 and look forward to meeting all of you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for YOU!
Ashlyn Page
Alma Mahaney 
HSC-2 Command Family Ombudsman
(757) 464-8435