Congratulations on your assignment to the World Famous Golden Falcons of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE (HSC-12 UIC:09372)! Forward deployed from Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan, HSC-12 is a vital member of Carrier Air Wing FIVE (CVW 5). You have been detailed to a proud squadron with over 66 years of history and we are looking forward to your arrival.

Your command assigned sponsor is your primary point of contact with any questions about the moving process and life in Japan.  They are a great resource and are happy to help ease your transition to our forward deployed squadron!  Upon receiving orders to the command you will receive a welcome aboard message sent to you via your current command, which will include your sponsor assignment and contact information.  If you cannot reach your sponsor or have additional questions, email the command sponsor team at M-AT-HSC12-SponsorTeam@fe.navy.mil.

 HSC 12 Mailing Address:      HSC-12 Unit 200185 Box 1 FPO AP 96601-8500



 Frequently Called Resources Phone number**
Quarterdeck  0467-63-2988
Duty Officer Cell  080-9026-6682
DOD Liaison Counter  0467-32-0469
NAF Base Quarterdeck  0467-76-4053
NAF Base Security  0467-63-3200
NAF Atsugi Navy Lodge  0467-70-3304
Navy Gateway Inn  0467-63-3696



Some basic information to get you started –


Emission controls, inspections and registration of vehicles in Japan is a significantly more involved and expensive process than in the U.S.  Due to the nature of the roads, regulations, and parking spaces; American vehicles, with few exceptions, are unsuitable as a primary means of transportation in Japan.  It is highly recommended you either sell or store your vehicle because of the high standards your vehicle would have to meet upon arrival in Japan.  Used cars are reasonably priced (from several hundred dollars) in the local area of NAF Atsugi and are easy to come by.  Keep in mind that Japan is very good for public transportation on and off base.

Lodging and Housing:

Whether you intend to live on or off base, accommodations are based on pay grade and availability.  There may be a month or more wait, depending on your circumstances, during which time you will be staying at the Navy Lodge, Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ), or Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ).  Upon check-in, one of the housing advisors will conduct a welcome briefing that will give you an overview of all your housing options and allowances.

Cell Phones:

Getting an American phone to work with a Japanese carrier is virtually impossible even if it is a phone with a sim card.  Your first day in town, your sponsor will take you to get a phone. Due to the nature of being new in a foreign country with limited resources at your disposal going for a long period of time without a cell phone is neither reasonable nor recommended.  Most major phone companies in the US will put an unlimited hold on your account for your time overseas, reserving your number and deferring any contract you may have until you return to the US.  It is common to use a free VOIP service on your cell phone IE: Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Vonage, MagicJack, etc. in order to get in contact with friends/family back in the states.


Military service personnel may enter Japan with only their military ID and a copy of their orders.  Carrier Air Wing Five, however, mandates that all military service and family members SHALL have a no-fee government passport and highly encourages service members to also have a standard tourist passport.  This process may take up to 8 weeks, so ensure you start as early as possible.


**DSN numbers are only for calls from on-base phones to other on-base phones.

The DOD Liaison Counter is not a DSN phone.

* For a directory of DSN Numbers go to:



How to place a call to Japan from the United States:


  • Dial the international exit code:  (011) → Dial the country code: (81) → Enter the area code leaving off the “0” at the front → Dial the phone number of who you wish to call.
  • Example to dial a Japanese Phone:

Cell: 011-81-90–XXXX-XXXX or 011-81-80–XXXX-XXXX

Base: 011-81-467-63-XXXX


  • Dial the DSN number for Japan (315) → Dial base code for NAF Atsugi (264) → Dial the DSN Extension
  • Example to dial a DSN number to NAF Atsugi: