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The mission of Carrier Air Wing EIGHT (CVW-8) is to conduct offensive air operations from the deck of USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH (CVN 77) against both land and sea targets, provide for Carrier Strike Group TWO (CSG-2) defense, and conduct sustained air operations in support of allied forces as directed by the National Command Authority.




In order to accomplish our assigned mission we will:

1. Lead and support the squadrons of CVW-8 who shall produce full mission capable aircraft and combat ready aircrew. 

2. Support CSG-2 and all Warfare Commanders as the Strike Warfare Commander, so that as a team, we can execute the Maritime Strategy.  

3. Take care of our Sailors who are committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all. . Take care of our Sailors who are committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

The Air Wing consists of eight squadrons with one squadron providing detachments. The strike/fighter role is fulfilled by Strike Fighter Squadrons THREE ONE, EIGHT SEVEN and TWO ONE THREE, flying the FA-18E and FA-18F "SUPER HORNET,” and Strike Fighter Squadron THREE SEVEN flying the FA-18C "HORNET". Command and control is the responsibility of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE TWO FOUR with the multi-mission E-2C "HAWKEYE”. The complex, dynamic realm of antisubmarine, anti-surface warfare, and combat search and rescue is the domain of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron NINE and Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron SEVEN ZERO flying the MH-60S and MH-60R "SEAHAWK" helicopters. Electronic Attack Squadron ONE THREE ONE provides electronic attack and electronic surveillance to enhance the Navy's capabilities and survivability in today's electronically oriented combat environment by flying the Navy’s newest war fighting machine, the EA-18 “Growler". The task of getting personnel and supplies to and from the ship falls to the “Rawhides”, a detachment of C-2A Greyhounds from Fleet Logistical Support Squadron FOUR ZERO.