1.  Congratulations on your assignment to the Carrier Air Wing ONE (CVW-1) team!  We look forward to you joining our staff and becoming an integral part of our team of dedicated professionals who are embarked on a challenging and rewarding tour of duty.  
2.  Carrier Air Wing ONE conducts aircraft carrier-based strike warfare operations and assists in the planning, coordination and integration of eight squadrons to provide combat readiness to the carrier strike group and combatant commanders.  Our tactical missions include interception and destruction of enemy aircraft to establish and maintain local air superiority; all-weather offensive air-to-surface attacks, including airborne electronic attack; and detection, localization, and destruction of enemy ships and submarines to establish and maintain local sea control.  In addition, CVW-1 assets provide aerial surveillance and reconnaissance and electronic intelligence for Naval and Joint operations and airborne early warning services to fleet forces and shore warning networks, as well as airborne electronic countermeasures.  Our mission is “to precisely deliver non-kinetic effects and kinetic attacks from the maritime domain in order to promote peace, deter aggression, and ultimately win our country’s battles in defense of freedom and our national interests.”
3.  The command’s mailing address is:
Carrier Air Wing ONE
1640 Tomcat Blvd Ste 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23460
5.  If you have any complications while in route and you cannot contact your sponsor, please feel free to contact the command administration office at: CVW1_OCEN_ADMIN@navy.mil or (757) 433-2099.
6.  Every member of Carrier Air Wing ONE contributes to our important mission and it is only through the collective work of all hands, from the newest Airman to the Commander, that we are successful. 
7.  Once again, welcome to Carrier Air Wing ONE.  I look forward to you becoming a valued member of our team.