The Supply Department is responsible for providing all facets of logistical services to the ship’s crew, to include management of the ship’s wardroom(s) and messing spaces.  This department is responsible for the laundry and dry cleaning services, stores, barbershops, and recreation services.  This department also ensures sufficient spare parts for ship and aircraft repairs are maintained on board.  With a full-time complement of Supply Corps Officers, Logistics Specialists, Culinary Specialists, and Ship's Servicemen, the department also employs Sailors from other departments that serve as Food Service Attendants, Hazardous Material Managers, Disbursing Clerks, and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) staff members.  Responsible for a multitude of logistic support responsibilities and services, the department is divided into two major branches and two direct support divisions.


The Logistics Branch (S-1, S-1A, S-6, S-8, S-9, S-12) is responsible for managing the ship's annual operating budget, as well as procuring, receiving, stowage, issue and accounting for shipboard and aviation supplies (consumables and repair parts).  In addition, they manage HAZMAT, SCOOP, warehousing drawdowns and postal operations.


The Services Branch (S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-7, and S-11) operates a full service laundry facility, two barbershops, disbursing office, two walk-in retail stores, 30 vending machines, round-the-clock hotel services, and food service facilities that produce over 18,000 meals daily when underway. They are also responsible for managing procurement, receiving, stowage, and accounting of a multi-million dollar food provision and retail stock inventory.  In addition, the Services Branch also manages the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) division that is responsible for providing complimentary or low cost off-hours recreational activities to the crew. 


The two direct supporting divisions, Quality Assurance (S-10) and Production Support (S-13), provide inter-departmental assistance, ensuring compliance and material readiness.​