Engineering Department is one of the largest and most diversified departments onboard a carrier. Its nearly 350 personnel in five divisions can equate to many of the companies who provide services to you in your hometown. They are a Fire Department, Utilities Department, Electric and Telephone Company and the Public Works Department all rolled into one. Headed by the Chief Engineer and with the aid of his five Principal Assistants, they are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a wide range of equipment and systems throughout the ship.

The responsibility for keeping the ship afloat and functioning is an all hands effort but the job of keeping it intact falls on the engineers. They operate the ship's fire main system and are the primary damage control team members, they train the crew in basic and advanced damage control and they hold the data base of all damage control equipment and fittings throughout the ship. There is not a single space on this warship which does not involve the engineers in some way. The cable ways and piping overhead, the fire stations and water tight doors you pass and the decks we walk on are all tied to Engineering Department.