Combat Systems Department is a diverse and highly trained team of professionals. They are responsible for maintenance and repair of a wide range of electronic equipment installed onboard the carrier. Under the direction of the Combat Systems Officer, the department consists of five separate divisions. 

The Radar Maintenance division (CSR) consists of Electronic Technicians (ET) responsible for the ship's radar and navigation systems, and systems that monitor the launching and recovering of aircraft.

The Data division (CSD) maintains the ship's tactical computer systems, such as ACDS, NTCS-A and ASWM. This division consists of Data System Technicians (DS) and Instrument men (IM). They are also responsible for the maintenance of the ship's administrative equipment, which consists of more than 1,500 PCs and 70 copiers, for the offices of embarked staff, squadrons and ship's personnel.

The Communications Maintenance division (CSC) uses ET's to repair and maintain the ship's vital communications equipment. They also employ Interior Communications Electricians (IC) for the upkeep of ship's entertainment equipment, such as ship's TV, FM radio stations and more than 600 televisions onboard.
The Fire Control Technicians (FC) of FOX division maintain the ship's defensive missile and gun weapons systems and their associated radars.

CSA division, or the department's administrative division, handles the many administrative duties for the Combat System Officer and the rest of his department.

Behind closed doors... seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the radiomen of Communications Department are on the job providing the most advanced communications for embarked staffs and squadrons. The Department provides instantaneous voice or message access practically anywhere in the world. The Message Processing Center (CR01) keeps the message traffic flowing while Tech Control (CR02) keeps the high tech gear "on the air" ensuring the right person or aircraft receives the right message at the right time.

Preparations for WESTPAC '95 started only weeks after return from our previous deployment. The advent of numerous "state of the art" communications systems installed during Ship's Restricted Availability (SRA), required numerous personnel to attend fleet schools to learn how to operate and maintain the new equipment. A high degree of technical expertise and rigorous training program ensured they were all prepared for all phases of the work up cycle. All exercises were completed with a competency factor exceeding 99 percent, the highest for any aircraft carrier fleet wide.

During deployment, more than 250 tactical circuits were maintained around the clock and nearly 350,000 messages processed over a six month period.​