The Administration Department is one the most diverse departments aboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73). With over 50 Sailors in five divisions, this dynamic department assists and provides customer service of multiple administrative functions to over v3, 500 Sailors. Below are the five divisions:

X-1 Division processes correspondence for the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and Command Master Chief, this division contains two primary branches, CO’s Admin and XO’s Admin.  The division also processes and tracks evaluations, fitness reports, awards, command directives, officer gains/losses, and officer promotions.

X-2 Division maintains personnel and pay records for over 3,200 personnel, this division is better known as the Personnel Office.  The division also tracks Billet Based Distribution (BBD), manpower requirements, enlisted reenlistments/extensions, and manages the ship’s personnel database (R-Adm).  Additionally, PCS transfers (incoming and outgoing), separations, DEERS enrollment, active duty ID card issuance, and Casualty Calls Assistance fall under the purview of X2 Division.

X-3 Division provides education opportunities and advancement through a variety of programs, this division is better known as the Educational Services Office.  Specifically, the division is responsible for advancement exams, continuing education with outside education entities, tuition assistance, Program for Afloat College Education, AFQ testing, good conduct medals/certificates, and all commissioning programs.

X-5 Division is made up of career counselors who give information and guidance regarding Navy career opportunities, this division is better known as the Command Career Counselor’s Office.  Specifically, this division is responsible for:  selective reenlistment bonuses; career status bonuses; Career Management Systems Interactive Detailing (CMSID) applications; Fleet Reserve/retirement requests; Career Waypoints and Professional Apprenticeship Career Tracks applications; and career development boards.

Command Climate Specialist Office and Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor help Sailors deal with individual problems.  Together, they reach out to all crew members, enhancing professional and personal life aboard the ship and ensuring GEORGE WASHINGTON Sailors adhere to Navy policies that foster morale and esprit de corps.​