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Congratulations on your orders to the Finest Warship in the Fleet!

Since we are currently in the shipyard, you will initially report to our Housing Office at Huntington Hall in Newport News VA.

If there is any break in communication please do not hesitate to call my office @ 757-688-8790. Our Command Ombudsmen are always available to provide you and your family with any information, insight or assistance.

You may reach them at:

- Cailla Impelido-Dayoan:

- Danielle Campbell:

- Toni Eckert:

- Jessica Pugh:

We also have two very proactive Spouse groups who have provided invaluable assistance to the command and our families. The Spouses of Abraham Lincoln Officers (SOALO) and the Abraham Lincoln Family Assistance (ALFA) are always standing by to help. For more information on ALFA, you can contact Sara at

Visit CNIC's website for valuable information about housing, recreational and local needs.