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CVN 72 Departments


 CVN 72 Departments

AIMD Graphic

During RCOH, USS Abraham Lincoln's Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department plays a crucial role reworking and fabricating various ship's fittings. In order to meet the dynamic requirements of an overhaul period, AIMD developed an organizations model, which operates under seven distinct RCOH Production Divisions: Maintenance Administration, Ship's Force, Non-Tight Door Team, Light Industrial Facility, Quality Assurance, Individual Material Readiness List, and Support Equipment Rework Facility.

Air Department graphic

At sea, USS Abraham Lincoln's Air Department is the largest in the command with nearly 700 trained and motivated officers and enlisted personnel. Air Department personnel are charged with executing the ship's primary mission: To safely fuel, launch and recover aircraft in the support of national defense. However, during RCOH, the department accomplishes all deck removal throughout the ship, manages housing for assigned personnel, and maintains all departmental compartments and equipment.

Combat Systems Graphic

The Combat Systems Department consists of a diverse and highly trained team of professionals. They are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of the ship's electronic equipment suite. Under the direction of the Combat Systems Officer, the department is divided into two functional areas of responsibility: The Combat Systems Maintenance branch and the Combat Systems Information branch. The Combat Systems Maintenance Officer directs the efforts of five uniquely qualified divisions, responsible for the maintenance and testing of all tactical networks, radars, navigation, communications, interior communications and ship's self defense. The Combat Systems Information branch consists of three divisions and is headed by the Combat Systems Information Officer. The CSIO is responsible for the operation and administration of all communications, computers and network systems.

CRMD Department

The Command Religion Ministries Department oversees religious ministry programs on board USS Abraham Lincoln and also provides personal counseling services for the crew. The department manages the ship's library and acts as a liaison between the ship and the American Red Cross as well as the Fleet and Family Service Center. CRMD is also responsible for coordinating all of the ship's community relations events, community outreach and school volunteer programs. Lincoln Sailors continue to make significant impact to the Hampton Roads region since Lincoln arrived in Norfolk in August 2012, contributing more than 35,000 volunteer hours at various COMREL projects.

Deck Department

During RCOH, Boatswain's Mates assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln are contributing to many facets of the overhaul process. Deck Department has overseen the removal of the ship's anchor chain, mooring lines, underway replenishment stations and small boats, all while maintaining the heritage and traditions of the Navy. Deck Department personnel have stood up the Rigging Team, Vent Plenum Team, and the Paint Team.

Dental Department

The Dental Department is currently located on the Floating Accommodation Facility. Lincoln's Dental Department is comprised of four dental officers, one dental hygienist and 12 corpsmen. The department provides yearly dental exams, cleanings, emergency care, fillings, crowns, and simple extractions. Referrals are made to specialists for those patients needed wisdom tooth extractions, bridges, implants, root canal treatment, and gum surgery.

Engineering Department


The Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of critical manning requirements to include: Ship's Forces Work Package, Ship's Maintenance Manager, Ship's Work Control Officer, the ship's members for the Advanced Planning Team, the Ship's Habitability and Crew Move Aboard Committee, the Joint Planning Team, the Compartment Working Group, the Joint Electrical Group, and the Topside Test Group. The Engineering Department is currently manned by expert machinists, skilled electricians, diesel mechanics, mechanical technicians, and a vast array of other specialties. They are the masters of all engineering disciplines.


Legal Department

The Legal Department is responsible for advising the commanding officer on all legal matters including personnel, administrative, and disciplinary actions, investigations, ethics, and operational law. In addition, the Legal Department provides legal assistance to Lincoln Sailors requiring powers of attorney and notaries, as well as provides legal information about a whole host of topics ranging from contracts for renting an apartment to purchasing vehicles to family law issues.

 Media Department

The Media Department on board USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) is responsible for telling the mission of our crew to our family members and the external public and media. Lincoln's Media Department is comprised of talented Sailors who are public affairs and visual information experts. These Sailors write and produce print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories; record still imagery and video of the ship's crew and daily operations; create graphic designs in support of the ship's mission; manage the command's official Website; and provide layout and design services for shipboard publications to include the Penny Press.

 Operations Department

USS Abraham Lincoln's (CVN 72) Operations Department is responsible for planning the day-the-day operations while in our overhaul period. Operations Department is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating atmospheric, oceanographic, and intelligence information from the tactical to the operational levels.

 Supply Department

The Supply Department provides outstanding logistical support and services for a crew of more than 2,500. Providing everything from food service and repair parts to tools and office supplies, Lincoln's Supply Department manages critical support to the ship. With a full-time complement of Supply Corps Officers, Culinary Specialists, and Ship's Servicemen, the department also employs Sailors from other departments that serve as Food Service Attendants, hazardous material managers, disbursing clerks, and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) staff members. Our civilian "Fun Boss" and "Fit Boss" actively plan and execute health and welfare programs in the MWR office. While continuing to maintain operational divisions, Supply Department also manages the rehabilitation of more than 750 shipboard storerooms, offices and staterooms as part of USS Abraham Lincoln's RCOH.


Weapons Department

The Weapons Department is responsible for the security, stowage, breakout, issue and shipment of all conventional weapons and explosive devices onboard. During RCOH, the Sailors assigned to Weapons Department are supporting the mission by managing various teams to include the berthing team, the lagging team and transportation.