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Congratulations on your orders to USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71)

Welcome Aboard "The Big Stick", The finest CVN in the Fleet.  You are joining a professional team who stand proudly ready to defend our country and freedom.


Please contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator via COMM: (619) 545-3786.



Command Career Counselor at: CCC@CVN71.NAVY.MIL, COMM: (619) 545-3786 or the

Command Master Chief at: CMC@CVN71.NAVY.MIL, COMM: (619) 545-0071. 


For more information visit our Command websites at: or


NOTE: Before you e-mail the ship’s Sponsor Coordinator, you must already have orders for your gaining command, and have the following information available.


Checking In

Bring all records, orders, endorsements, travel-related receipts, new address, etc. If you need to mail personal items, address to:


     FPO AP 96632

Travel Claims: On average, travel claims may take up to 30 days or more to process. To help streamline this process, we need you to make sure that you have the following items in hand when checking in

1.   Itemized lodging receipts with daily rates for any TDY stops and TLE   claims. Reimbursements are not authorized with these items missing.

2.   Toll receipts

3.   Flight itineraries

4.   Car rental receipts

5.   Receipts for any claims above $75 other than those listed above.


Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) Check-In procedures:

(NOTE: TPU phone numbers are seperate from CVN-71 numbers)

Transient Personnel Unit, Naval Station San Diego, San Diego CA 92136-5108

QD COMM: (619) 556-3182

ADMIN Office: (619) 556-5182