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Where is the ship located? 
The ship's homeport is Naval Station Norfolk.

What do I need to bring when I report to the ship?  
A full sea-bag (may be subject to a sea-bag inspection upon arrival), appropriate civilian attire for liberty, toiletries, and a Government Travel Credit Card if you are a current cardholder.  You should also bring at least $100 in cash.  Once reporting onboard you will be issued a Navy Cash card for use with vending machines, in the ship store and for MWR.  No cash transactions take place aboard.  You can put that $100 on your temporary Navy Cash Card.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until your card is linked to your personal account, or wait for your Direct Deposit to be set up before you can buy anything on the ship.  Bring a minimum of two locks, preferably combination locks.  If you bring locks with keys, and you lose your keys, you will have to get your lock cut and replaced.  So, it’s probably easier to just bring combination locks.

What do I wear when traveling?
You should always travel in civilian clothes.

How do I get area and relocation information? 
Check out the Fleet and Family Support Center Web site at  Hampton Roads relocation information can be found at   Click on Relocation for Housing information. 

Who is going to pick me up from the airport/how do I get to the ship from the airport? 
Your sponsor should meet you at the airport, however, there is a USO Kiosk at the airport that can assist you in arranging transportation to the ship. 

How do I get medical care for my family? 
First you have to ensure your family is enrolled in DEERS at
If you see your family in DEERS, then you can go to to ensure your family is enrolled in TRICARE.  If your family is not enrolled in DEERS you will need to update your Page 2, and go to the nearest ID card issuing facility to get your family enrolled, once your family posts in DEERS then you can enroll them in TRICARE if not already enrolled.