Welcome Aboard Shipmate!

Congratulations on your selection for assignment to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron SEVEN EIGHT (HSM-78).  The Blue Hawks of HSM-78 operate the MH-60R helicopter, the most technologically advanced maritime helicopter in the world.  Our primary mission is to deploy as a Carrier Air Wing squadron with combat-ready MH-60R aircraft and personnel onboard air capable ships and aircraft carriers. 
Your assignment onboard HSM-78 will be the most challenging and fulfilling of your naval career.  I am sure you will experience a most exciting and rewarding tour.
For more information about HSM-78, I invite you to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hsm78bluehawks.
HSM-78 is located in Coronado, California at Naval Air Station North Island, Building 1456, San Diego, CA 92135.  Coronado is a small city about 15 minutes from San Diego International Airport.  For more information about the base and surrounding areas, visit the Naval Base Coronado website at www.cnic.navy.mil/coronado, and for additional information regarding PCS moves, visit www.militaryonesource.com or www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil.
You will be assigned a sponsor and will receive a welcome aboard package containing specific details. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to email the Admin Department at HSM78_N1@navy.mil.  Please notify your sponsor of your travel arrangements and any special circumstances that may affect your report date so that we may better assist you. 
For further assistance, the Squadron Duty Officer may be reached at (619) 545-7486 or (619) 545-5644.  Finally, if you have any issues or concerns, my CMC is CMDCM Merriman. She can be reached at april.d.merriman2@navy.mil.
Again, welcome aboard!  I am very pleased that you are joining our team and I look forward to meeting you.
Eric D. Hutter
Commander, U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer