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Congratulations on your assignment to the "Scorpions" of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron FOUR NINE! We look forward to your arrival. As a "Scorpion", you will be part of a rich tradition of excellence and teamwork.

Upon receiving your orders, HSM-49 will issue you a Welcome Aboard Package and assign you a sponsor who will assist with travel arrangements, accommodations, and check-in procedures. If you do not receive a Welcome Aboard Package and need your sponsor information, please contact the Administration Office at (619) 545-0300 or by mail at: HSM-49 NASNI P.O. Box 357135, San Diego CA 92135-7135.

HSM-49 is located in building 1477 on Naval Air Station, North Island. When checking-in during normal working hours, you should report to the HSM-49 Administrative Office, on the second deck, RM 222. During non-working hours, you may check-in with the HSM-49 Duty Office, also on the second deck, first door on the left.

Command Address:
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron FOUR NINE
PO BOX 357135
San Diego, CA 92135
 Quarterdeck : 619-545-0300
 Admin Office : 619-545-0301
 DSN : 735-XXXX
 Additional area numbers:
 a.  Base Information:  619-545-1011
 b.  Navy Lodge Reservations:  619-435-0191 or 800-628-9466
 c.  Fleet and Family Service Center:  619-545-3071
 d.  Housing Office:  619-556-8443
 e.  BEQ Reservations:  619-545-9551