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Welcome to the HSM-41 Safety Department!
The HSM-41 Safety Department is a team of motivated professionals whose priority is the safe accomplishment of our missions both on and off duty.  We are a multifaceted department that encompasses the following programs:
-Aviation Safety
-Ground Safety
-Occupational health/HAZMAT compliance/Injury and Illness Prevention
-Motorcycle Safety
-MH-60R CNAF NATOPS Program Manager/Evaluator
-Squadron NATOPS Program
-Squadron Search and Rescue Program
-Standardization Program
-Flight Publications
For all of your safety needs and concerns, please visit us in person (Building 1474, Room 218) or contact us at one of the numbers below.  Thank you!
HSM-41 Safety Office:  619-545-8331
HSM-41 NATOPS Office:  619-545-0555
HSM-41 Safety Department Head/ASO:  619-545-8330
*NOTE FOR CHECK-INS*:  As part of the check-in process, you are required to visit our NAVOSH specialist/motorcycle program coordinator to be processed in to the command, regardless of whether or not you own or operate a motorcycle!