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Welcome to the Maintenance Department

for problems or updates please contact the page representative:


 Maintenance Officer

(619) 545-7039

 Assistant Maintenance Officer

(619) 545-4762

Welcome to HSM-41 "Seahawk" Maintenance Department.   "Seahawks" have surpassed 200,000 Class "A" mishap free flight hours.  A milestone only achieved by the combined efforts of stellar Aircrew and staunch Maintenance Professionals.  Our department is comprised of 254 Sailors and 93 Civilians maintaining 26 MH-60R aircraft.  We are the best at what we do; dedicated, proud and inspired by the legacy of generations past, while forging new standards for those yet to come.  On any flight line or in any hanger there are no gripes that cannot be fixed; no mission will ever go unaccomplished.  We are competent at what we do because we love what we do.  We are the "Seahawks" Aviation Maintenance Professionals!