Congratulations on your selection for assignment to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron SEVEN NINE (HSM-79).  HSM-79's primary mission is to provide forward deployed combat-ready detachments for patrols onboard SIXTH Fleet Maritime Strike capable ships to conduct sea control operations in open ocean and littoral environments.  The MH-60R is the Navy's new primary maritime dominance helicopter, replacing the SH-60B and SH-60F aircraft. Greatly enhanced over its predecessors, the MH-60R helicopter features a glass cockpit and significant mission system improvements, which give it unmatched capability as an airborne multi-mission naval platform.  The Griffin family is confident that you will find your assignment exciting and rewarding.

                HSM-79 is currently homeported in Coronado, California onboard Naval Air Station North Island, building 1456, room 228A.  Coronado is a small city about 15 minutes from San Diego International Airport.  For more information about the base facilities/services and surrounding areas, visit the Naval Base Coronado website at www.cnic.navy.mil/coronado. The Squadron is currently in a transitional period as we begin preparing for our location shift to Rota, Spain.
CONTACT US:  at  SDNI_HSM79_sponsorcoordinator@navy.mil.; or call (619) 545-4596 during business hours or contact the Squadron Duty Officer (SDO) at (619) 778-4999 after business hours.
Or for further assistance, please email one of the following:
                1.   Command Sponsor Coordinator, PS2 Skyler Kim; skyler.kim@navy.mil
                2.   Command Career Counselor,NC1 Quintavious Nelson; quintavious.r.nelso1@navy.mil
                3.   Command OMBUDSMAN; hsm79ombudsman@yahoo.com
                Again, welcome aboard! We are very pleased that you are joining our team and looking  forward to meet you and your family.


Directions to HSM-79