Working with both military and civilian organizations, Commander, Naval Air Forces Vice Adm. Allen Myers IV introduces the Centennial of Naval Aviation Task Force-a team dedicated to celebrating 100 years of Naval flight, unparalleled by any previous milestone. Through a century's worth of collected media and real accounts from the people themselves, the Centennial team is planning global, national and regional events throughout 2011 to commemorate our military's remarkable evolution of flight.

To ensure proper execution, the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and NASA partnered to identify regional points of contact whose primary job is to satisfy our audience's hunger for Centennial news and events. These people will assist with static displays, military demonstrations, provide information on historically significant events and offer scheduling assistance to bring the face of Naval Aviation to the public.

U.S. Postal Mail Instructions:

Send postal mail to:

Centennial of Naval Aviation (Code N00 CoNA)
PO Box 357051
San Diego, CA 92135-7051

Public Affairs Office
1279 Franklin St. Norfolk, VA 23511-2494

Phone and Email Instructions:

CAPT Tim Wilson
Centennial Executive Director
(619) 545-5939

CAPT Rich Dann
Aviation History Director
(619) 545-4680

CDR Tami Ryley
Centennial Assistant Director
(619) 545-4171

CDR Mike Biemiller
Centennial Operations Officer
(619) 545-4680

LCDR Mike Turner
Centennial Planning/Events
(619) 767-7306

LT Kevin Albertsen
Centennial Planning/Events
(619) 545-1805

LCDR Allison Myrick-Ellison
Centennial Public Affairs
(619) 545-4147

LT Harriet Johnson
Centennial Protocol
(619) 545-6238

PSC Robert Roth
Centennial Administration
(619) 545-1835

YN2(AW/SW) Samuel Jones III
Centennial Administration
(619) 545-1835