Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific
Visitors Information
Open visiting for the general public is not permitted.  Official visitors to Commander, Naval Air Forces must submit a Visitor Access Request (VAR) via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).  The SMO Code for submitting VARs is N570254.  VARs must contain the following information:
- Visitor Full Name
- Visitor Clearance Level
- Dates of Visit
- Purpose of Visit
- Name and Telephone Number of CNAF/CNAP Staff Member Being Visited (Must be a government employee, not a contractor employee)
In the Additional Information field, please use the following language for sorting purposes:
1) If the visit is to attend a CNAP sponsored meeting, please list the name of the meeting (copied from the CNAP invitation message or email) as the first entry in the Additional Information Field. (e.g., CNAP Sailor of the Year Board)
2) If the visit is not a specifically titled event but of a general informational nature or informal meeting, specify the OFFICE Code to be visited.  (e.g., CNAP NO1F INFORMATIONAL MEETING)
All visitors must report to the CNAP Quarterdeck in the main lobby of NASNI Building 8
For questions regarding visits, and for visitors wishing to confirm receipt of VARs,
please contact the Security Management Office at (619) 545-7363/9948.