IG Hotline Process - STEP 4 - Contact IG Office for Assistance or File Complaint
We encourage you to submit allegations in writing by e-mail, fax, letter, or using the online complaint form. Our experience has shown that written complaints are more organized, provide more details, and are less emotional.
We will evaluate your complaint and request more information, if necessary. Keep in mind, if we conduct an investigation, you will be interviewed and you will be able to provide additional information and documents at that time.
Mailing Address:
Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific
Box 357051
San Diego, CA 92135-7051
Attn: FORCE Inspector General
CNAP IG Complaint Form

Complete the IG Hotline complaint form (IGAR) and send it to:
·        E-mail: CNAPIGHotline@navy.mil – This email box is monitored regularly by CNAP IG Staff or
·        Fax: (619) 545-4681
Hotline Numbers:
You can also contact the CNAP IG Hotline at (619) 545-5264 | DSN: (312) 735-5264 for assistance