IG Hotline Process - STEP 3 - Prepare to Submit Your Complaint 
If you have determined the issue is appropriate for an IG investigation, gather the information that you will need answer the following questions: 
  • Who...Service member's or employee's full name, rank/grade, and duty station.
  • What...Specific wrongdoing and why you believe the activity was misconduct, to include the rule, regulation or law you think they violated.
  • Where...Location where the wrongdoing occurred.
  • When...Specific dates and times.
  • How much... Estimated dollar loss.
  • Why and how...Describe why and how you believe the individual perpetrated the offense.
  • What you have done to try to resolve the issue?
  • What you want the IG to do? 

Remember, the more detailed information that you provide, the better our office will be able to assist you.