The CNAP Hotline Program was designed to strengthen and focus efforts to eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement by identifying problems and potential solutions.  CNAP IG provides a voice to all members of CNAP and assures that their concerns will be heard, considered, and appropriately addressed. Specifically, the CNAP IG office provides the following services to our members:
  • Receive complaints of fraud, waste, abuse/ mismanagement, and provide assistance as appropriate or directed
  • Process complaints in an efficient and timely manner
  • Conduct thorough, impartial, and objective investigations/assists as appropriate or as directed
Your chain of command should be your first point of contact if you are considering filing an IG complaint. You will save time by submitting your complaint to the lowest level in in your chain of command.
If you are unable to resolve your issue using your chain of command, you may consider contacting your local IG office. The IG will review your complaint to determine whether or not the issue is a matter for the IG. The IG will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, inform you of the IG's course of action, or explain why your issue is not appropriate for investigation. Some of the most common examples of issues that are not IG-appropriate include the following:
  • Administrative Separations
  • Adultery
  • Dependent Support
  • Discharges
  • Fraternization
  • Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)
For additional details, please see STEP 1 - Determine the best method of addressing your issue.
If you submit your complaint to DoD IG or the DoN Naval Inspector General, your complaint is forwarded to the local IG for action. You will save a great deal of time by submitting your complaint directly to your local IG office.
Before filing a complaint with a Navy Inspector General, there is a 4-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure to follow in order to determine if you should file a complaint. Please click on each step listed below and review all of the information provided.

CNAP IG Information
Hotline Numbers
Commercial: 619-545-5264 | DSN: 312-735-5264 | Fax: 619-545-4681
Email Address
CNAP IG Hotline:
Mailing Address
    Commander Naval Air Force, Pacific
    Box 35701
    San Diego, CA 92135-7051
    Attn: FORCE Inspector General

Additional IG Resources
Commander, Pacific Fleet IG
Department of the Navy, Naval Inspector General
Department of Defense Inspector General