Fleet Replacement Aircrew (FRAC): Congratulations on your recent selection to the HM community!
Please contact HM-12 Student Control once you receive your orders for any special instructions that may need to be addressed prior to your arrival. Student Control may be reached at (757) 444-0429.
You will report to HM-12 as a Category I Fleet Replacement Aircrewmen (FRAC) and will progress through a Ground Phase, Flight Phase, and Mission Phase of training. If you do not have SERE listed as an interim stop on your orders to HM-12, then you will complete SERE training after graduation. After completing your MH-53E FRAC training syllabus, you can expect orders to either the HM-14 Vanguard or HM-15 Blackhawks, both located aboard Naval Station Norfolk.
You are directed to report to the HM-12 Quarterdeck, 1st deck, Hangar SP-40 to get your orders stamped. You will then proceed upstairs to the Administration Office on the 2nd deck to continue with the check-in process. Once complete, you will then proceed to Building SP-383 (2nd Deck) to check in with the Training Department. As a reminder, your first day of any check-in should be conducted in the appropriate seasonal Dress Uniform.
Please feel free to contact HM-12 with any questions or concerns. Congratulations again, and we look forward to flying with you. Welcome to the Sea Dragons!