Welcome to the Honey Badger Family!
On behalf of the Commanding Officer, we'd like to welcome you to HSM Weapons School Pacific!  Weapons School strives on tactical and professional excellence in support of Pacific Fleet HSM squadrons and looks forward to adding you as the newest member of the Honey Badger family.
As a new member of the HSM Weapons School team, you will be assigned a sponsor to assist you with reporting aboard and checking into the command.  This person will contact you prior to your arrival and will be able to answer a majority of your questions regarding your new assignment.  If you have not been contacted by your sponsor within 30 days of your anticipated check in date or if you have any questions, please contact the Administration Office at (619) 767-7112.

Upon your arrival, report to our Admin Office, Bldg 489, on weekdays between 0800-1630.  A map on how to get to Bldg 489 on NAS North Island is provided below.


Uniform for check-in is as follows:

-E-6 and Below:  Dress uniform

-E-7 and Above:  Service khakis


Please bring the following documents during check-in:

-Copy of orders

-Copy of Page 2

-Medical record

-NATOPS jacket (pilots and aircrew only)

-Log book (pilots and aircrew only)


 Base Map.jpg