Command Philosophy
T: TEAM.  Honey Badgers are a small but fierce TEAM. Our people are our most precious commodity. We do not fight our battles alone. We are a diverse organization that must respect, trust, and rely on one another. Communication will be timely, open, and honest.
E: EXPERTS: We are the MH-60R Tactical Subject Matter Experts and provide intelligence based products, ordnance standardization, and administrative support to accomplish our mission. We proudly represent the highest levels of tactical expertise, but we will project confidence with humility. Attitude matters!
A: AGGRESIVE (but Safe). Honey Badgers lead by example. All eyes are on us to perform at the highest levels, but safety will always prevail. We will train like we fight and fight like we train while keeping tactics as simple as possible.
M: MENTOR the fleet.  As the West Coast HSM tactical center of excellence, we cannot forget that although we evaluate, we are instructors first. We will study, plan, brief, execute and debrief. Focus on teaching, being creative, and never accepting the status quo while leading the HSM community as active stakeholders.
We are Honey Badgers, Victory starts here!


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