Congratulations on your orders to Expeditionary Warfighting Development Center (EXWDC)

The Navy's newest strategic development center where we are challenged daily in developing and strengthening the Navy's Expeditionary Force.


Need a Sponsor?

Once you have received orders, if you are not aware of the name of your sponsor please contact the quarterdeck at (757) 462-3658 to be assisted.

Moving to the area?

All are encouraged to visit the Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Hampton Roads Fleet and Family Service Center (FFSC) websites to help in the transition of moving. If a FFSC is not conveniently location near you, you can obtain information and relocation tools at Military One Source and Military HOMEFRONT. If you are entitled to movement of dependents and household goods please visit your current servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) to receive information on entitlements to Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE). Reminder if eligible, lodging receipts are required for TLE reimbursement. Once your household goods have been packed out you can track the shipment electronically if you use SmartWebMove or by contacting the Norfolk Personal Property Inbound Office at (757) 764-2046 / 2047 or (DSN) (312) 826-4664. For additional support, check out the NEX Military Moving Center. This fast, free and easy online site is a way for military members and their families to connect essential services in a new location, as soon as a new address is established, even before arrival. 


 Checking In? 

You will report to EXWDC at 1650 Gator Blvd. building 3509 on Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek-Ft. Story. You must be escorted inside the building. If you have not received guidance from your sponsor contact EXWDC's quarterdeck or call Navy Expeditionary Combat Command's (NECC) quarterdeck at (757) 462-4316 ext. 369 or DSN 253-4316. You can also visit NECC's quarterdeck at 1575 Gator Blvd. building 3504 across the street from EXWDC. You are encouraged to report Monday Through Friday 0900 to 1300 to ensure timely check in with the local PSD. The uniform for reporting is driven by area seasonal requirement (i.e. blues in the fall/winter & whites in the spring/summer). Unless you have been previously issued NWU TYPE III, which is the uniform of the day for EXWDC. 

Your new mailing address will be:

(Your Rank & Name)


1650 Gator Blvd.

JEB Little Creek-Ft. Story

Virginia Beach, VA 23459


We look forward to your arrival, and our priority is to ensure a smooth and successful transition for you and your family. Again, Welcome Aboard!