ECRC Norfolk is located just inside Gate 2 onboard Naval Station Norfolk (NAVSTA Norfolk) in Building J-50, A-Wing, 1st Deck.   The ECRC entrance is located on the front of the street, on Gilbert St, next to TPU just before the corner of Bacon and Morris Streets.


Map of Base:

Version 1, Verison 2, Verison 3, and/or Verison 4

Contact Information:
ECRC Phone - (757) 763-8640
Email -  

Berthing Information:

GSA PERSONNEL: Berthing accommodations have been made by ECRC

IA/IAMM/OSA/RC PERSONNEL: Make individual berthing arrangements as directed in your orders.

If you receive a CNA for berthing please use one of the hotels listed on this document for your stay. 

Transportation for redeploying/demobilizing personnel:

  • Upon arrival at Norfolk Int’l Airport ECRC staff will meet you at the baggage carousel  
  • Transportation provided to ECRC
  • If van not available, take Taxi (~20 min; ~$15.00)
  • Leave is not authorized en route – Rental Cars are not authorized unless annotated on orders

In the event of any itinerary changes, you MUST CALL Command Duty Officer (757-763-8640) to provide them with your NEW arrival flight #, Airline, and Scheduled ARR time.

Driving Directions:   Mon-Fri 0500-1900 use Gate 2 or Gate 3A.  After hours/weekends use Gate 3A

Uniform of the Day:
Report to the ECRC at 0730 in a clean working uniform.  Do not report in coveralls, flight suits, civilian clothes or physical training (PT) gear; you are deployed upon your check-in to ECRC.  All mission-specific required uniforms items and PT gear will be issued by ECRC.

Summer - April to October: 

Officers/CPOs – Summer Whites / Service Khaki / CCU / DCU/ NWU

E1-E6 – Service Dress Whites / Summer Whites / CCU / DCU / NWU 

Winter - October to April:

Officers/CPOs – Service Dress Blue / Service Khaki / CCU / DCU/ NWU

E1-E6 – Service Dress Blues / Working Blues /NWU/ CCU / DCU / NWU

NOTE: Uniforms are required while processing at ECRC Norfolk. Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are NOT AUTHORIZED.  Both items are organizational clothing and are worn with working uniforms while performing duties for which the garments are designed. Only the brown leather flight jacket has been authorized for wear with service uniforms. For more information, see Navy Uniform Regulations.