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What are the types of Navy Individual Augmentees (IA)?





Individual Augmentation (IA) as defined in NAVADMIN 160/08 as one of three types: 

  • GSA - Global War on Terror (GWOT) Support Assignment 
  • IAMM – Individual Augmentation Manpower Management 
  • RC Mob – Reserve personnel not mobilized as part of an established commissioned Reserve Component unit

Basically, it’s the type of orders you have.

All of the above types of Navy IA Sailors Overseas Contingency Operations


For and IAMM assignment, you volunteered or were selected to fill a billet that came to your command as a Request For Forces (RFF). After processing, equipping and training, you would be sent TAD to your new duty assignment and return to your current, or “parent command” once your Individual Augmentee assignment was complete. This process will continue for all Reserve Component and some Active Component Sailors.


The Navy also has IA assignments for active component members into regular sea/shore duty rotation through the Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment (GSA) detailing process. You can now negotiate with your detailer for GSA assignment when you are within your normal detailing window. This means that instead of going TAD to an IA assignment, you will detach and PCS from your current command and be assigned administratively to the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) in Norfolk, VA. However, after initial processing and training at one of a number of CONUS locations, you will be physically stationed in theater and working at your IA mission location. Once you return from your GSA tour you will administratively detach from ECRC and transfer to your next PCS assignment. The goal of GSA process is to normalize the IA detailing process and lend stability to both your career and your family.

During your GSA tour, ECRC will provide you administrative support. You will have access to the command and its many detachments throughout CONUS and in theater. As with Sailors on any IA assignment (IAMM, GSA or RC Mob), help is only a phone call or e-mail away.