ECRC, Forward Central (ECRC FWD CENT)
Staff Duty Officer Contact Information
Phone:   DSN 318-455-5652 Cell: 974-7059-7623
  • At ECRC FWD CENT, we are your supporting cast to get you from Qatar to your final CENTCOM AOR destination, wherever it may be.
  • Upon arrival the staff here will get you taken care of, where you need to be and when you need to be there.
  • Be prepared, because you will be exhausted from travel and, in most cases, there is still more travel before getting to your final destination.
  • If you are staying in Qatar, your parent command will play a key role in getting you settled in.
  • Below is some of the things you can expect during your short stay.
  • Prior to completion of training, you will be briefed on your follow on travel to the CENTCOM AOR.
  • A majority of CENTCOM IA’s will transit to Baltimore (BWI Airport) to take the rotator to Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB) in Qatar (see info below).
    • You will be travelling in uniform.
  • A few will take COMAIR to Doha Intl Airport (see info below).
    • You will be travelling in civilian clothes and no military markings.
    • If you have a weapon, it will be signed over and sent via rotator.
Rotator Arrival Information
  • The rotator will stop in Ramstein, Germany for personnel drop off.
    • While in Ramstein, there is WiFi in the waiting area and time to go to the other side of the terminal for USO and subway.
    • A timeline will be given upon arrival to re-board the aircraft.
  • The rotator will stop again in Kuwait Intl for a crew swap only.
  • Upon arrival to AUAB, you will initially be greeted by base leadership on the flightline then loaded onto busses to transit to the pax terminal.
  • Once at the terminal, the Air Force team will line everyone up under a covered area in preparations for in-processing. Here you will leave your carry-on and just need your ID and orders. Once everyone has arrived in the waiting area, everyone is called in by groups:
    • VIP - O6 and above, W5, GS15 and above or E9
    • Less than 30 days in Qatar
    • Long term in Qatar (180+)
  • The ECRC FWD CENT Team will be there welcome you to Qatar and assist you in the arrival and baggage process.
  • After your initial customs and in-processing brief you will proceed to the baggage area.
    • First you will be taking your weapon to the armory. Ensure your keys are available to verify clear and safe. You will fill out a form with the armory staff and get a receipt. You will use that receipt when you pick up your weapon for future travel.
    • Second you will gather your bags and ECRC Staff will assist in getting them to AFTRACC storage (adjacent to the outgoing terminal) until your next flight.
    • After bags are stored, you will take your carry on and 72 hour bags and proceed thru customs and ECRC Staff will take you to temporary lodging.
    • If you are staying in Qatar, you will be met by your gaining command and taking your bags thru customs.
    • AUAB Terminal has luggage carts for use as available.
Commercial Air Travel Information   
  • When travelling to Doha International, you will be travelling under your deployment orders only, NOT PASSPORT. 
  • Upon arrival to Doha International, you will proceed thru customs then to the baggage claim area.
  • After leaving the baggage claim area, proceed out to the far right exit of the terminal (area 4). You will be greeted by your gaining command or ECRC Staff in civilian clothes and local vehicle.
  • It is an approximate 45 minute ride from Doha to AUAB. Upon arrival you will be set up with lodging and given instructions on next pick-up.
Deployment Brief
  • On Friday morning, you will be picked up by ECRC Staff (or dropped off by parent command) to receive your deployment brief.
    • Must be in Uniform of the Day (NWU III or OCP)
    • Location dependent on number of deployers.
    • TRIAD introduction
    • Admin Brief (travel claims, boots on ground info, etc…)
    • Travel Brief (follow on flight info)
    • Morale Welfare Association (t-shirt, patches, coins)
  • A separate deployment brief may be held on a case by case basis, the ECRC Staff will notify anyone who may fall into this circumstance.
Theater Travel Preparations/Procedures
  • During the travel portion of the deployment brief, you will be given a timeline for your follow on travel.
  • Within 24 hours of travel, ECRC staff will pick you up and take you to the terminal for baggage check-in, must be in Uniform of the Day.
  • You will pull all your bags out of the AFTRACC bins (weapon stays in armory until gate call) and line up at the ticket counter for boarding pass, ensure that you have ID card.
    • Temperature dependent, you can wear official Navy PT gear.
  • Once you have your boarding pass in hand, you will go across to PERSCO to have your orders stamped.
  • After receiving boarding pass, you will be given a show-time for the flight. ECRC Staff will pick you up 15-30 minutes prior to ensure your arrival at the terminal.
  • Once at terminal for flight, you will wait until gate call. At that point, you will proceed toward the armory to pick up your weapon and drop it off in the designated cart for aircraft loading. An ECRC staff member will be on site until all deployers are in the gated area.
  • Upon the completion of your flight from Qatar, you will be met at the designated terminal (Afghanistan, Kuwait or UAE) by either ECRC Staff or gaining command personnel.
  • MAINTAIN OPSEC!! (Operational Security) when communicating with friends and family back home.
  • There is free WiFi at all public locations on AUAB. You will be receiving a base map showing where key points of interest are.
  • While at temporary lodging, Jacks Place (next to Victory Chapel) is located across the street from the volleyball court, also free WiFi.
  • Alcohol consumption is highly regulated (3 drinks per 18 hours, tracked by ID card scan).
  • NMCI computers are not available.
  • Billeting will be arranged by ECRC Staff via Lodging Office.
  • All personnel will stay in open bay lodging (VIP separate).
  • Meals will be provided at no charge at DFAC (dining facility).
  • There is BK, Subway, Pizza Hut at the CC Exchange area.
  • There is Arby’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut at the Exchange Mall.
Laundry Facilities
  • Laundry facilities are available around base. Detergent is not provided.
Transportation at Al Udeid Air Base
  • A majority of services are within one mile walk of transient lodging.
  • There is a shuttle bus service that runs throughout the day. 
Good Stuff to know…
For emergencies and afterhours assistance contact the SDO