Defense Logistics Agency is located right next to Davis Monthan Air Force Base in the city of Tucson Arizona.

ECRC, Detachment DLA Tucson
Navy LNO Contact Information
Phone: (757) 462 4744 x147




  • Fly into Tucson International Airport, a rental car will be required. Map or GPS is helpful.
  • Members will be required to check-in for Administrative purpose only (endorsement of orders).  NOSC Tucson address is: (ring the buzzer to have the gate open) 
    • 3655 South Wilmont Road
    • Tucson, AZ. 85730
    • (520) 228-6289 


  • DLA is located about 2 miles outside the gate.  DLA's address is:
    • 7030 E. Irvington Road
    • Tucson, AZ. 85747 
    • (269) 961-7766


  • ENSURE your ID card is CAC activated (your pin) and your PKI Certificates are updated. This cannot be stressed enough, it will affect JASS, BOL, NPC, and many official websites your will need to access.
  • Ensure you have and remember your MyPay pin number!
  • BRING PT GEAR AND RUNNING SHOES. You are required to bring the Navy's new Physical Training Uniform (PTU) gear and running shoes with you IAW NAVADMIN 191/08.
  • PT socks should cover the ankle.
  • Bring all prescription medications with you.
  • Civilian attire is authorized during non working hours. Bring at least one set of civilian clothes. (For traveling purposes)
  • All of your necessary military gear and equipment will be issued. Do not buy extra equipment that you may not need or be authorized to have.
  • Although the mailing address is supplied in this Welcome Brief, do not begin to 'mail things; to yourself...the Post Office has limited space and can only retain mail on hand for so long before they have to 'return to sender'.
  • For any non-issued items you would like to send home, mail service will be available at your cost.
  • You may bring laptops, MP3 players, gaming systems, and electronics of this nature at your own risk. These items ARE NOT allowed on ranges or during any training evolutions. Camera use IS NOT permitted on ranges or during any training evolutions.
  • Cell phone use IS NOT permitted at any time during daily training hours.
  • Staff can make available a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Under Army rules, members are prohibited from the following:
    • Sexual relations
    • POVs are prohibited for all students. Rental cars are authorized per orders.
    • No liberty exceeding 150 miles.
 Post Office

MAILING ADDRESS (for emergencies only)

  • Rank and Full Name
    7030 East Irvington Road
    Tucson, AZ 85707



  • MAINTAIN OPSEC!! (Operational Security) when communicating with friends and family back home.

  • Hotel Wi-Fi varies per location.  


  • Berthing is not available on at DLA Tucson.
  • Each group will be staying at the same hotel due to rental car usage, training and security. However, a recommended list of hotels will be supplied by the LNO. A list of hotels can be found online.
  • Some personnel may be required to share a room.
  • DEFAC (Dining Facility) is not available to students, check local guidance for per diem rates if authorized.


  • Coin operated laundry machines should be available at your hotel. Must provide your own detergent.

DLA Tucson General Information: (269) 961-7766

DLA Tucson Website:

Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) is your Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) and maintains administrative supervision during your Individual Augmentee Training.