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ECRC IA Operations Mission Statement – IA Sailors and Their Missions First

ECRC provides administration, training, equipping and transportation for all Individual Augmentee personnel and also manages the mobilization of Reserve Component Sailors returning to Active Duty.  From the moment a Sailor departs their home station, whether it is a Navy Operational Support Center or Parent Command, ECRC works to support Sailors and their families during the tour of duty. 


During Mobilization Processing, Sailors will conduct the many steps necessary to return to active duty and ensure the screening required for their assigned mission has been completed.  Mobilization Processing consists of 5 days at Building J-50 onboard Naval Station Norfolk.  ECRC is responsible for this transition and ensuring that the Sailors being sent forward are fully trained and qualified. 

ECRC assigns Action Officers (AOs) to IA Sailors and provisional units grouped by mission.  AOs review missions and training pipelines and communicate directly with IA Sailors throughout the mobilization process to ensure that IAs are fully ready to deploy both medically and administratively.  AOs can answer questions about the upcoming mission, including contact information in theater, and provide the peace of mind of knowing that Sailors have a Navy advocate to guide them through the transition into their Individual Augmentee missions.

ECRC also provides Navy Liaison Officer (LNO) teams to provide direct assistance to Sailors at pre-deployment training sites.  LNOsupdate Sailor information used to support students and family members during student training and deployment.  LNOs assist with berthing, pay issues, communications, scheduling, uniforms, transportation, documentation, surveys, database updates and information archives. 

Following the completion of all required training, Sailors will be transported to their ultimate duty station.  Again, ECRC has personnel on station to receive and direct inbound personnel, coordinate temporary billeting, gear handling/stowage and customs assistance and ensure they arrive at their final destination.  Outbound personnel receive the same support on their way to the Warrior Transition Program.

At the Warrior Transition Program, ECRC personnel assist redeploying Sailors in gear turn in, readjusting to "normal" operations, and transportation back to Norfolk for demobilization activities.  ECRC provides transportation support by coordinating IA Sailors' return home through the redeployment/demobilization process, helping get Sailors home expeditiously and safely.   


ECRC IA Family Support - “IA Family & Sailor First”

ECRC's Individual Augmentee (IA) Family Support Program serves as a conduit for IA Family access to information and direct support throughout the military member's deployment.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE : Command Duty Officer (757) 763-8640

                                         Assistant Command Duty Officer (757) 510-6308

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE : 24 Hour Toll Free Family Hotline (877) 364-4302