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Becoming a Navy Diver gives you the opportunity to pursue a unique career doing something you thoroughly enjoy. As a Navy Diver, you are exposed to hard working, motivated individuals who work together to accomplish a variety of challenging missions. The many benefits of becoming a Navy Diver include:

More Water time

  • Navy Divers experience more diving time
  • More exposure to different areas of diving

Diverse Assignments

  • Job variety: never do the same assignment twice
  • Make a difference: Hurricane Katrina support, TWA Flight 800 recovery, USS Monitor recovery and salvage, etc.
  • Global opportunities (Italy, Guam, Japan, etc.)

Specialized Training

  • Highly intensive and challenging twice
  • Opportunities to attend top training schools

Working with and contributing to a cohesive team

  • Strong sense of teamwork
  • Motivated to excel
  • Team community

Applicable life skills and transferable experience

  • Become a highly trained Navy Diver with a diverse skill set

Working with the best and most qualified divers

  • Selective admission
  • Rigorous requirements both physical and mental
  • Intellectual rigor
  • Elite divers that are set apart from other Navy communities
  • Exposure to cutting edge technology and equipment

Excellent Pay

  • In addition to normal pay allowances, Divers receive incentive pay to include:
  • $1000 if member passes PST in Boot Camp. $ 2000 for elevated PST scores.
  • $25,000 and advancement to E-4 upon completion of Second Class Dive School.
  • SRBs Maximum $45,000.
  • Monthly special duty assignments pay up to $500.

Learn to dive for free

  • You do not need to pay for diving school
  • Navy will pay for college