Command Competencies
NAVWAR is a Navy Competency-Aligned Organization. These major competencies are defined as observable, measurable patterns of skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors and other characteristics that an individual needs to perform work roles or occupational functions successfully. As a competency-aligned organization, each of NAVWAR's systems centers also align their business portfolios to customer demand.


SPAWAR Organizationaol Alignment to the Navy 
The NAVWAR Finance competency provides professional personnel who provide accurate, timely and valued financial services across the command that are necessary to execute its programs, projects and efforts. The competency is comprised of three Tier 2 areas: Cost Estimating, Business/Resource Financial Management, and Accounting and Budget. The Finance competency is a critical enabler in executing SPAWAR's mission and priorities.  
The NAVWAR Contracts competency provides dedicated contracting officers and supporting staff to perform contracting functions for program executive offices (PEOs), program offices and project managers across the organization. 

The NAVWAR Legal competency consists of the NAVWAR Headquarters Office of Counsel as well as the Counsel offices within the NAVWAR Systems Centers Atlantic and Pacific. The competency is responsible for providing legal services to NAVWAR in the areas of acquisition, business and commercial law, real and personal property law, intellectual property law, fiscal law, civilian personnel and labor law, environmental law, standards of conduct and ethics, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act programs, command legal advice issues, and other legal services as may be required to support NAVWAR's missions. The NAVWAR Office of Counsel falls under the cognizance of the Department of the Navy General Counsel.   
Logistics and Fleet Support

The Logistics and Fleet Support competency provides governance in support of PEOs, program managers, business units and other customers. The competency is the single process owner for all Logistics and Fleet Support policies, processes, tools and output metrics and is responsible for the professional development and work assignment of individuals within the competency to ensure that sound Logistics and Fleet Support principles are applied and practiced throughout the program life cycle.

NAVWAR’s Engineering competency serves as the Navy’s Chief Engineer and technical authority for command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The competency provides the engineering technical leadership for innovative and interoperable solutions for our warfighters. Throughout the acquisition lifecycle, Engineering identifies warfighting capability gaps to inform investment decisions, and supports our partners and program managers in meeting cost, schedule and performance goals through rigorous and agile systems engineering.
Acquisition and Program Management

The Acquisition and Program Management competency s a community of practice that provides a common acquisition and program / project management framework for NAVWAR's program and projects. The common framework includes processes and tools to support workforce development and assignment, as well as program / project planning and execution.
Science and Technology
Science and Technology competency features scientists, engineers and managers focused on discovery, invention, advanced development, experimentation and technology transition. Competency employees possess the skill sets critical to developing and transitioning technology to solve naval, joint, interagency and coalition science and technology gaps. We forge external partnerships with S&T and advanced-development communities in industry, academia and government, as well as participate in S&T and advanced development forums and collaborate with external S&T organizations.
Corporate Operations
The Corporate Operations competency is serviced-based and provides support to operate the command through a broad spectrum of sub-competencies. With major sub-tiers of Total Force Management, Information Technology Management, Command Operations/Support, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Inspector General, and Special Program Overview and Compliance. This competency is charged to ensure overall success of day-to-day business operations across all NAVWAR business units. Corporate Operations contributes to the NAVWAR mission by reliably delivering a wide range of products and services across the command.
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