Requesting a Quota in a Class

Quota Control Management


Quotas for Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center (NAVSAFENVTRACEN) courses must be requested by contacting TSC Hampton Roads at or 757.492.5336.

Quota control management for all NAVSAFENVTRACEN courses is Training Support Center (TSC), Hampton Roads. All quotas requests for NAVSAFENVTRACEN courses are granted by TSC, on a first come, first served and fair share quota basis.  Navy and Marine Corps personnel who meet course prerequisites may register for a course at any time.  All other DOD personnel can request a quota 30 days prior to the class convening date. 

If unable to access the eNTRS website, contact the eNTRS Help Desk directly at or on the Commercial Phone number at 1-(800)-537-4617 Option 8.


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