Release of Wreckage


When you finish handling the wreckage, put the pieces into marked and organized boxes (e.g., engine, flight controls, cockpit) so that it will be easily accessible if an endorser requests reexamination or further detail. Minimize the size and securely store the wreckage until it is released for disposal. Flight equipment worn by a deceased airman is not to be stored with wreckage or released as personal effects. It should be shipped to the Cognizant Field Activity (NAWCAD Patuxent River) for examination and disposal. No EI report will follow unless the AMB asks for one.

If an investigator from Naval Safety Center attended, COMNAVSAFECEN will release the wreckage by message to the AMB Senior Member. Once the Senior Member is confident that endorsers will not need the wreckage or other real evidence for concurrent investigations, it should be released to the reporting custodian (squadron CO). This puts the aircraft and its records under CNAFINST 4790.2 jurisdiction. Maintenance administration will request disposition instructions from NAVICP Code 0343.14, Anthony Mazzone, 215-697-2882 (DSN 442). Email: for reclaiming parts, disposing of wreckage, and striking the bureau number.

In most cases the Senior Member's release message will be the same as COMNAVSAFECEN's; just change the From/To lines. But be sure to inform any agency (FRC, laboratory) that has had a change in custody of exhibits since COMNAVSAFECEN's release.

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Last Reviewed December 29, 2014