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  1. Q: Where do I find the latest information to conduct an Aviation Safety Survey?
    1. Visit the Aviation Maintenance Survey page.

  2. Q: Where do I find the latest information in order to conduct an Aviation Culture Workshop?
    1. Visit the Culture Workshop page.

  3. Q: Is there anything that prevents an Air Station from having one instruction that covers all safety programs? For example, can the Pre-Mishap Plan be an enclosure to the Command Aviation Safety Program Instruction?
    1. There is nothing that prevents an Air Station or a squadron from having one Safety Instruction, which would include enclosures/instructions such as: Pre-Mishap Plan, Standing AMB, Human Factors Council, Human Factors Board, Anymouse Program, etc. Air Station ASOs should coordinate with the installation Emergency Manager as the Aviation Mishap Response Plan (or Pre-Mishap Plan) should also be a part of the installation's All-Hazards Response Plan.

  4. Q: Are monthly Aviation Safety Councils (ASCs) mandatory?
    1. Squadrons, air stations, and other large commands shall form an ASC. How often they meet is not specified in OPNAVINST 3750.6R. The council is chaired by the CO, XO or OIC and consists, at a minimum, of the Aviation Safety Officer, Ground Safety Officer, and flight surgeon. We recommend commands hold monthly ASCs. MCO 5100.29B states that ASCs in Marine Corps aviation units will meet quarterly.

  5. Q: Are monthly Enlisted Aviation Safety Committees (ESCs) mandatory?
    1. OPNAVINST 3750.6S states "Division safety petty officer or non-commissioned officers from every work center in the command shall form the enlisted aviation safety committee. In monthly meetings, chaired by the aviation safety specialist, they shall discuss safety deficiencies and provide recommendations for improving safety practices and awareness."

  6. Q: Are we required to conduct ASAP debriefs after every flight now?
    1. Yes, but … Your command must first be inbriefed by the CNAF office that is introducing the program to the fleet. Once your command has been initially inbriefed and oriented on the website by the CNAF N45 officers for survey information entry, then your command will be expected to comply with the ASAP program.

  7. Q: How often is my command supposed to conduct Human Factors Councils?
    1. If you are a Navy squadron, you are expected to conduct HFCs at least quarterly. If you are a Marine Corps squadron, you are expected to conduct monthly HFCs.

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