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Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Q: Can I include information from Human Factor Boards/Councils in an SIR?
    1. OPNAVINST 3750.6S Paragraph 204 g(3) states that "Human factors Board and Council reports, notes, materials or other work-product shall not be appended or made an enclosure, in whole or part, to any SIR or safety investigation file". It continues and says that "the information contained in these documents or gained from interviews with Board or Council members may be used in an SIR. This information would be privileged".

      In other words, one cannot use any part (piece or whole) of HFB/HFC products in an SIR. But, if one translates the information from those products into witness statements or interviews of the persons present at the HFB/HFC then one can include those statements or interviews (as long as they are held in privilege).

  2. Q: Can I include information from Human Factor Boards/Councils in a Field Naval Aviator Evaluation Board (FNAEB)?
    1. COMNAVAIRFOR INST 5420.1A (FNAEB) Encl (1) FNAEB Procedural Guidance paragraph 2 states that "a Human Factors Board result which is included as an enclosure to a FNAEB Report of Proceedings can...." From this we can conclude that HFB results can, but HFC results cannot.

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