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Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Q: Why is it important to study all these equations and charts?
    1. Safe passage through the aerodynamic environment demands that we understand the fundamental mechanisms and phenomena underling the behaviors and performance of our aircraft. Reliance on "gouge" numbers will fail when the assumptions which support those numbers are no longer valid. The study of the underlying equations and performance charts gives deeper understanding of how and why our aircraft behave and allow for adaptation of conduct to a changing environment. It is absolutely vital that we as Aviators increase our professional knowledge in this area to be better prepared for the dynamic challenges of Naval Aviation.

  2. Q: Can the Aero instructors come speak at my Wing/Squadron Safety Standdown/Event?
    1. Schedules permitting, any of our staff (not just Aero) would love to speak at your event. Your command will need to provide the funding. Please ensure you contact us with plenty of notice (at least a month) so we may work around our class schedules.

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