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ASO Course Prerequisites

Aviation Safety Officer Course (CIN: S4J-3302)


The ASO course moves at a very rapid pace. We have observed that the more the student is prepared upon arrival, the easier the transition back into an academic environment.

The content of the Aviation Safety Officer course is heavily influenced by the OPNAVINST 3750.6S Naval Aviation Safety Management System. Attendees should review (at a minimum) the following sections:

  • Chapter 1: All
  • Chapter 2: All
  • Chapter 3: All

ORM Courses

The School of Aviation Safety believes that operational safety is a key component of combat readiness. As such, Operational Risk Management (ORM) is embedded throughout the ASO curriculum. Upon completion of the ASO course, the student will be designated an Operational Risk Management Assistant.

ORM was introduced into Naval Aviation in 1995 and implemented into the ASO curriculum that same year. During the past decade, ORM has evolved and become an integral part of naval operations, training, and planning. ORM is formalized in OPNAVINST 3500.39B / MCO 3500.27B. Attendees arriving at ASO School are expected to have a solid understanding of ORM fundamentals. The ORM sessions of the ASO course begin with the assumption that the student has completed initial fleet ORM training. We build upon that foundation.

Prior to attending School of Aviation Safety ASO course, Navy students shall complete applicable ORM courses available through Navy Knowledge Online. USCG should be familiar with USCG and local ORM policy. Students are to bring copies of course completion certificates or fax documentation to the School of Aviation Safety . Students who are unable to complete these training modules prior to attending class will be required to do so during the first few days of instruction at the ASO course.


Required Training:

  • Completion of managing your risk (CPPD-ORM-MYR-1.0) or command provided GMT/SSD annual requirement as applicable
  • Leading Risk Management Integration (CPPD-ORM-LRMI-1.0)

Recommended Training:

  • Managing your team’s risk (CPPD-ORM-MYTR-1.0)
  • Directing your command’s risk management (CPPD-ORM-DYCRM-1.0)


All USN and USMC students shall register for a Web Enabled Safety System (WESS)/Web-enabled Aviation Mishap and Hazard Reporting System (WAMHRS) account prior to arriving at the School of Aviation Safety (SAS). This account will be used as part of USN and USMC ASO duties in the fleet and for training while here at SAS.

For initial WESS/WAMHRS account creation:

  • Go to
  • Click-on the WESS tab in the middle right.
  • Click LOG IN [DOD PKI certificate (CAC card) and numerical password required].
  • Click PKI login and fill out the required information.
  • Request an account using the SAS Student UIC N9999S.
  • Submit your account request.


The system will send an e-mail to your .mil e-mail address to verify your identity; you must click the link in the e-mail for your account request to be processed, this process may take as long as a week.

**During initial log on a new user must have a .mil email account, and use the SAS Student UIC N9999S.**

For WESS/WAMHRS account changes:

  • Go to
  • Click-on the WESS tab in the middle right.
  • Click LOG IN [DOD PKI certificate (CAC card) and numerical password required].
  • After successful log on to your WESS/WAMHRS account click on the Account Maintenance link at the lower right.
  • Change your WESS/WAMHRS UIC to N9999S for your training as a SAS student.
  • The SAS Safety Authority will approve your request so that your account will be ready for use during your training.


**Current WESS/WAMHRS account holders must change their UIC to the SAS Student UIC N9999S.**

For your information, accounts are processed in the following manner: After WESS/WAMHRS SAS Student UIC N9999S account request and .mil address verification, the SAS designated Safety Authority will receive an email stating that there has been a request for a WESS/WAMHRS account and is awaiting approval. This is a "fail safe" process to verify the individual's requirement for a WESS/WAMHRS account.


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