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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all of your questions can be answered by the Welcome aboard packets

  1. Q: How do I obtain a quota?
    1. To obtain a quota for the ASO or ASC courses please refer to this page.

  2. Q: What information do I need to generate orders for attending SAS?
    1. Please look in Course Information under "Orders Writing Process"

  3. Q: What uniform do I report in on the first day?
    1. Flight Suits are authorized for the entire duration of both ASO and ASC courses, including the first day. However, bring a set of Service Khakis, or your service equivalent just in case.

  4. Q: When and Where do I report on the first day?
    1. Please look in Course Information under "Reporting for classes"

  5. Q: I want to make my flight arrangements now. What time will I finish on the last day of the course?
    1. Always allow some flexibility in your plans as course times can and do change to meet requirements. However, in general, plan on being able to make at least a 1500 departure out of Pensacola Regional on the last day of class.

  6. Q: If a Federal Holiday falls during the course when will it be observed?
    1. Please look in Schedules under "Federal Holidays"

  7. Q: As a Marine attending ASO/ASC, if I desire support from MATSG, what is their POC?
    1. MATSG-21 can be located here

  8. Q: I previously attended ASO/ASC. How do I obtain a copy of my certificate?
    1. If you attended ASO/ASC before 01 APR 2005:
    2. If you attended ASO/ASC after 01 APR 2005:

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