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Fleet Logistics Support Wing (FLSW) Pilot Selection Board (PSB)

FLSW convenes PSBs throughout the year to select new Selected Reserve (SELRES) affiliates for vacancies within the Navy's logistics air wing.  Applicants must be willing to adhere to the basic FLSW participation requirements:

  • Minimum yearly participation: 96 Inactive Duty Training (IDT) periods (48 Regular, 48 Additional) and 12 days Active Duty Training (AT) (or as funding allows), if affiliated on 01 October.
  • Expect 5 days per month or as required by prospective gaining command.

Refer to the PSB announcement messages for information on upcoming boards, application requirements, and the current FY Schedule.  Applicants WILL NOT be considered for selection without an interview with the squadron CO/XO prior to the package deadline, as stated within the PSB message. 


Applicants are required to provide electronic copies of the following:

     1.  Cover letter to the board.
     2.  Civilian resume.
​     3Letter(s) of recommendation.
     4.  Officer Summary Record (OSR) or service equivalent.
     5.  Performance Summary Record (PSR) or service equivalent (send only the PDF of all pages accessible from the BUPERS website).
     6.  Ten most recent Fitness Reports or service branch equivalent.
     ​7.  NATOPS Jacket Section II-A, Designation letters (include Designations Cover Sheet).
     8.  ​Last completed page of most recent Military aviator log book and aircraft mishaps and flight violations.    
     9.  Last five NATOPS flight evaluations (OPNAV 3710/7) or service branch equivalent.
​     10. NATOPS Jacket Section IV-B  (OPNAV 3760/32) Mishap/Flight Violations or service branch equivalent.
     11.  Military awards.
     12.  Flight Clearance Notice (must be current on PSB convene date), DD Form 2992.
     13.  List of squadrons applied to within the Fleet Logistics Support Wing.
     14.  Officer Qualification Questionnaire (OQQ) (CFLSWINST 3740/5).
     15.  Written notice of release from active duty/eligibility (CFLSWINST 3740.1P, para 4d).


Applicants will need to review their package before sending it.  All pages must be legible and all SSN's (including last 4) shall be removed.  Late packages will not be considered.

Regular Navy applicants will only be considered if they have official documentation (e.g., BUPERS Resignation Approval Message, Letter of Resignation, Letter from Commanding Officer) indicating applicant has resigned.

Applicants who are drilling with another reserve force squadron (RESFORON) will not be considered unless written permission (E-mail) is granted by their current CO.


Application packages shall be emailed via the DoD SAFE ( website (single scanned PDF format with enclosures in the correct order) to  The PSB coordinator may also be reached by phone at (817) 782-6237.  If sending an electronic copy is not possible, mail hard copies of all items listed above to:


Fleet Logistics Support Wing

ATTN:  NATOPS / PSB Coordinator
1445 Burke Ave.

Fort Worth, TX  76127-1445


By signing the application letter the applicant certifies in paragraph 3 that he or she has read and understood the provisions of DOD 5500.7-R sections 2-303 (Outside Employment and Activity), 5-404 (Compensation From Other Sources), and 5-408 (Assignment of Reserves for Training), as well as BUPERSINST 1001.39F section 1010 (Conflict of Interest).  Further board procedure and application details can be found in the COMNAVAIRFORESINST 3710.4J and CFLSWINST 3740.1P.

QuestionsContact the FLSW PSB Coordinator: email or call 817-782-6237.COMFLELOGSUPPWINGINST 3740.1P.PDF