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IA Sailor Chaplain Support

The experience of deploying as an Individual Augmentee (IA) in a Global Support Assignment (GSA), Individual Augmentee Manpower Management (IAMM), Mobilized Reserve Personnel (RC MOB), Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA) or Health Services Augmentation Program (HSAP), is profoundly different from that of deploying as an organic part of a command or staff.

Chaplains provide confidential, emotional and religious support for you and your family throughout the deployment cycle. We stand ready to help you succeed in providing the best support possible for our Navy IA Sailors. Thank you for your service!


Chaplains serve at Parent Commands as facilitators of IA pre-deployment, family readiness, spiritual readiness and resiliency, and similar briefs and training opportunities. We conduct pre-deployment needs assessment, offer confidential pastoral care and counsel. We facilitate your religious needs, identify pre-deployment stressors, introduce the nearest Spiritual Fitness Division (CREDO) office and provide information on marriage enrichment, personal growth, spiritual growth, family enrichment, singles retreats, and links to Navy and Community Services as required. We assess your needs and provide the desired level of service for further follow-up. Religious Ministry Teams (RMT) are accessible at all Navy Mobilization Processing Sites (NMPS).

Chaplains provide pastoral counseling with clergy confidentiality privilege. 

Pastoral counseling can address the following:

  • Spiritual Questions/Concerns
  • Premarital Issues
  • Marital/Relational Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Personal/Family Issues
  • Military/Work Related Issues
  • Grief/Loss
  • Adjustment to Military Life/Culture
  • Guilt/Forgiveness

 Chaplains provide training on the following GMT topics:

  • Stress Management
  • Anger/Conflict Management
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Sea Legs
  • Domestic Violence/Awareness
  • Resiliency
  • Spiritual Fitness

Chaplains know which programs are offered by the local CREDO and how they can help the IA Sailor and family to prepare for deployment.

CREDO’s common programs are the Personal Growth Retreat, Marriage Enrichment Retreat, Family Growth Retreat, and Spiritual Growth Retreat. Many CREDOs also offer one-day seminars, custom training and exportable training in a variety of formats. Go to Navy ChaplainCare, “CREDO RETREATS” menu link to find the CREDO Retreats in your Region.

Available Religious Materials through the Chaplain:

  • Bibles
  • Rosaries
  • Jewish Scriptures
  • Mormon Scriptures
  • Korans
  • Pastoral Care Books
  • Religious DVD’s
  • Devotional/Inspirational Books

 Chaplains know what local/on base religious services are available.

  • Roman Catholic Mass Schedule
  • Islamic Worship/Prayer
  • Jewish Worship
  • Protestant Worship
  • Scripture Studies
  • Prayer Groups

*In some locations, Chaplains facilitate baptisms, weddings, christenings and funerals.

Chaplains can assess deployment-related needs and assist the Sailor in meeting them. These include spiritual, emotional, and relational needs.

In a conversation with Navy family members, Chaplains have an opportunity to listen for existing personal and family issues, and to provide support and/or early referral. Questions about hope, meaning, and faith may be appropriate, e.g., “What gives you hope in difficult situations?” “What do you and your loved ones find yourselves worrying about?” “What opportunities for growth does this deployment open for you and your loved ones?” “What role does your faith play in your preparations for deployment, boots on ground and redeployment?”

To Access a Chaplain for IA Sailor Support

  1. Contact your Command Chaplain.
  2. For urgent matters, access the Duty Chaplain through your nearest Navy installation Quarterdeck.
  3. For routine matters, contact a US Fleet Forces Command Staff Chaplain for IA Sailors and Families:

After-hour & weekend Chaplain support is available by contacting one of the following Command Quarterdecks:

Norfolk, VA: (757) 322-2866
JEB Little Creek, VA: (757) 462-7385
Oceana, VA: (757) 433-2366
Dam Neck Annex, VA: (757) 492-6234

Jacksonville, FL: (904) 542-2338
Mayport, FL: (904) 270-5401

San Diego, CA: (619) 524-5503
Coronado, CA: (619) 545-8123
Pt. Loma, CA: (619) 524-5503

Kitsap, WA: (360) 627-4024
Everett, WA: (425) 304-3366
Whidbey Island, WA: (360) 257-2631

Great Lakes, IL: (847) 688-3300


Chaplains provide confidential, emotional and religious support throughout the deployment cycle. We stand ready to help you succeed in providing the best support possible for our Navy families. Thank you again for your service!