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Extending an IA Tour

Policy for extensions can vary by mission. For example, the NAVCENT Extension Policy specifies the conditions under which IAs may request an extension of their mission, using the Voluntary Service Agreement (VSA) form hosted on the NAVCENT website. These conditions included the following:
  • Extensions are limited to one additional mission rotation or 24 months total BOG time, whichever is shorter.
  • Total BOG is restricted to 12 months or one mission set for Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Embedded Training Teams, Detainee Operations, Confinement Operations, Civil Affairs, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device units, and Expeditionary Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) units.
  • Sailors cannot deploy on another IA/Ad-hoc mission for 12 consecutive months and until PHDRA screening has been completed.

To obtain an extension, you will need to determine the guidance for your AOR in order complete and route the VSA in accordance with COCOM guidance. USFF will make the final determination as to the extension after reviewing the endorsed request submitted by your supported command.